Welcome to the playground of providing lessons in finance and economics. The site primarily covers lessons on finance and economics. In addition, related topics like accountancy, monetary policy, foreign exchange market, etc., are also explored. For example, the international dimension to the fixed vs flexible exchange rate debate is given in our blog. It provides a bird’s eye view on the challenges to conduct of monetary policy in both the exchange rate mechanisms. Thus, the learning is sought to be imparted through short videos and blogs, which are posted by working professionals in those fields. Further, contemporary issues and topics of relevance in the fields of finance and economics will also be discussed. We would also try to provide consultancy on simple and complicated queries that may remain unanswered.

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Good Beginning

Although, only a few blogs have been posted, I have been impressed with the quality and method of explaining a complex area. I wish the managers all the very best for a beginning worthy of praise!



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